Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family History Month - XEROGRAPHY

~ Today's prompt is brought to you by the letter X ~

Okay, I won't lie to you.  The last three letters in the alphabet are a bit hard to work with!  At first I went online looking for words and after checking out the various sites, still came up stumped.  Then I thought since there weren't any words that started with X  I would use a word that had the letter X somewhere in it.  Then I decided to go to the book - the dictionary that is! 

My experience serves as a reminder to all of us genealogists out there that there are several methods of looking up information.  I think perhaps we have gotten a bit spoiled with the Internet available 24/7 and we forget that a wealth of information is NOT on the Internet and IS in books and other media that is available in our homes, our relatives' homes, the local library, various archives and government agencies.  But I digress.

Today give some thought to your paper files and xerography (that is ~ the process for copying graphic materials ~ the photocopying process that was introduced and trademarked by Xerox).  Do you continue to xerox information from books, maps, and other documents to place in your files?  Have you switched over from xeroxing to scanning and do you now keep your information on your computer?  Do you use some combination method of xeroxed and computer files.  I think genealogy will always be paper driven (no matter how much we keep on our computer's hard drive  and "in the cloud").  What steps are you taking to make sure your paper files will be preserved for future generations?   

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