Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 100th Episode to Genealogy Gems!

Five Seasons of Genealogy Gems Podcast Episodes ~ if you haven't already, take a look at Lisa Louise Cooke’s website and podcast series. I think Lisa is the most interesting, informative and enthusiastic genealogy presenter out there! She has several excellent podcasts on organization (both computer and paper based systems), preservation of genealogy materials, and publishing your family stories (her most recent podcasts take you step by step through the process of publishing at Lulu). I consider myself relatively tech savvy but Lisa’s Google series really opens your eyes to what is available on the Internet and how to harness it for your own personal use. You can search her Podcast Show Notes from her home page to find particular show topics.

I previously mentioned her series Family History Made Easy which is a great resource for the beginner (and even those with more experience can learn something new as well) and both her regular Genealogy Gems podcasts and her Genealogy Gems premium membership are well worth your time and investment. Each of these three podcasts can be found at her website (or on iTunes).

I have emailed Lisa on a couple of occasions either with a question about how to do something or why to do something – each time I have received a timely and thoughtful response. In a few cases she mentioned the question on her podcast as well as the solution in an effort to assist other listeners.  Lisa is on a mission to make sure that we learn best methods with the experts she interviews and technology she explains, spread joy in the genealogy community, help us think about genealogy in new and different ways, and encourage us to share our knowledge in a collegial atmosphere. She is quite simply a Genealogy GEM!

Genealogy Gems’ 100th episode is coming up soon – HAPPY 100TH

(photo by digital artist Francesco Marino and made available by ~ thanks)

On a personal note, Lisa is the reason I started my blogs and her step-by-step instructions on how to blog using Blogger helped me noodle around with my blogs and finally go public in August. My hard drive organization is a variation on her suggestions and one day soon I will need to take a look at Lulu for publishing that first section of my family history. So, happy 100th episode Lisa and please keep those podcasts coming!

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