Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivation Monday ~ National Day of Listening

This Friday, November 25th, is StoryCorps National Day of Listening.  Please take a few moments to check out their website National Day of Listening and contact a teacher who has touched your life.  You can call, send a letter, post on Facebook, Google+, or your blog, or use other social media to get your message out.  If you are really industrious you can interview that teacher and share it with the rest of us on YouTube! 

There are so many avenues available and everything you might need (instructions, helpful websites, and tips) is available at their website.  Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner  ~ why not take a moment to remember and thank those teachers (past and present) who touched, improved, or perhaps changed your life. 

I am thankful for the great teachers I had from grade school through college ~ especially these fantastic five:

  • Mrs. Jaffie ~ You were the first teacher I really connected with and because of you Great Expectations was an incredible reading experience.  
  • Mr. Adams ~ You were the most amazing history teacher ever and made the past come alive for all your students!  You were singlehandedly responsible for my abiding love of history and learning.
  • Mr. Paul Boring  ~ You made science fun and encouraged all your students to be good people.
  • Mr. Glen Jackson ~ If everyone had the opportunity to take your course Rights & Responsibilities, we would have an amazingly bright and thoughtful citizenry.  You taught me the wisdom of always being prepared rather than playing Jackson roulette ~ something that has served me well in life. 
  • Professor James Klonoski  ~  You taught the hardest courses, assigned the most reading, gave the toughest exams, and demanded the most work from your students.  You were a great lecturer and you put your ideals into practice by not only teaching but also doing in the political arena!  I took every course you taught and am a more discerning citizen  for the experience.

Hopefully today's post has motivated you (on Monday) to be thankful (on Thursday) and share your story of a teacher who touched your life with the rest of us either now or during the National Day of Listening (on Friday).


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