Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivation Monday: January Genealogy Goals ~ Check!

January is just about finished and it's Monday, so it's time to check in on my genealogy goals/resolutions.

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  • I finished my Shoebox project on by downloading and saving all my “international records.” I also switched my membership from World to USA.   Since I am working  on my USA and Newfoundland research this year, this as a cost savings and it will keep me focused on my research goals! 
  • Both my paper and my computer Norwegian and Swedish Notebooks are complete.  This project was an excellent proving ground for what will be my larger paper and computer organization projects and will be the focus of its own blog post – stay tuned over on Scandia Musings & More.
  •  My USA Census Excel Workbook ~ during the past two weeks I worked on the 1880 Census entries for my extended family members.  I plan to write about this project and show examples in the near future.  This is a continuing work in progress to get ready for the 1940 US Census release in April.   How are you coming on preparing for the 1940 Census release?
  • Four posts in for the 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy meme (only 48 more to go!).  It has been helpful not only to think and write about Amy Coffin’s weekly prompt, but also to read others’ responses. 
  • I blogged about my grandmother Dora Josephine Murphy here ~ the personal posts are always a nice way to connect with family who oftentimes have no interest in genealogy but do have lots of interest in our relatives/ancestors.
  • Saturday Night Genealogy Fun was interesting and gave me some additional avenues of research over at Scandia Musings & More (ah, those maternal paternal relations!).  Thanks Randy!
  • I finished writing a “guest blog post" about my family’s slide/photo scanning and organization project for Marian's Roots and Rambles, written by Marian Pierre-Louis.  Photos are together but I need to hear back from Marian on how she wants/needs to receive it for “publication.”  Follow-up email is definitely necessary!
  • Google+ is my second online stop in the morning.  I am thrilled that there is such a vibrant genealogy community/circle on Google+.  Thanks to all of you who contribute and keep me up-to-date on what is happening in the genealogy world.
  • There were so many webinars at the beginning of January and then a bit of a slow down after the 15th.  However, today I am attending Dear Myrtle’s Webinar Google Reader Update.  

My genealogy goals were definitely accomplished in January.  Maybe it was the weather, or the newness of those resolutions, or the camaraderie of those other geneabloggers.  Whatever it was, it worked.  After today's webinar, I will give some serious thought to my goals for February.  Kudos to my goal-oriented geneablogger pals (an even dozen listed over at Corn & Cotton: My Family's Story) ~ I am keeping up with your goal posts and am very impressed!  Cheers.

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Keep climbing one rung at a time to reach those goals!

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