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This Week on My Family History Calendar

This Week on my Keough-Murphy Family History Calendar (or I need an idea to help me blog at least once a week!)

A few of the surnames and places to look for in this calendar
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When trying to figure out how I could work on my family history while keeping up with my blogging, I happened to see Cheri Hudson Passey's weekly blogpost with her family history calendar. I asked how she put it together and she graciously gave me some tips. She also gave a shout out to Linda McCauley who had this idea last year and ran with it. Thanks to both of you and hopefully this project will keep me on track to post at least once a week.

I thought this week would be an easy one as I only have three birthdays on the calendar. Of course since we have lots of Murphys in our family (hence many opportunities for Murphy's Law to show up), I immediately noticed that I did not have some basic information for one of my people- I was missing the surname of the wife. I spent a pleasant couple of hours finding out about James Murphy's wife and her family (and got to take a trip through the online research guides for Danish research and some newspaper archives).

Without further ado, here is my first entry in the Keough-Murphy Family History Calendar.

April 14
James Allen Murphy [861] (1926-2001), my first cousin once removed was born in Seattle, Washington in April 1926. He was the son of James Joseph Murphy [205] (1888-1950) and Catherine Maud Allen [858] (1891-1968) and the husband of Julia Ann Fredericksen [1218] (1928-unknown). Jim and Julia had two children.

April 15
Bernard Keough [246] (1888-1957), my first cousin twice removed was born in Plate Cove East, Newfoundland and baptized in King’s Cove on 15 Apr 1888. He was the son of Andrew Keough [172] (1850-1934) and Mary Furlong [184] (1846-1913) and the husband of Bridget Tracey [1387] (1895-1968). Bernard and Bridget had eleven children. He is buried in Open Hall.

April 16 -
Catherine Mary Johnston [863] (1911-1964), my first cousin once removed was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in April 1911. She was the daughter of Duncan Johnston [862] (1879-1962) and Honora Agnes Butler Murphy [206] (1888-1967) and the wife of Hugh Anthony Hamilton [1215] (1912-1976). Kay and Hugh had two children.

Do we share any family members? If so, I would enjoy hearing from you and sharing information. Until next week ...

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