Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

To all the fathers in the Murphy-Keough Family Tree

Whether in Ireland (Counties Carlow, Cork & Kerry), Newfoundland, or the United States - and from 1750 onward, these men make up the branches of my family tree. I only wish we had pictures of more of them and we need to carry these lines back farther.

Andrew Francis Keough
Patrick Keough
James Keough
Dennis Driscoll
Andrew Keough
James Dooley
Lawrence Edward Murphy
James Joseph Murphy
Michael Daniel O'Murphy
Patrick Murphy
John Kiely
Michael Daniel John O'Murphy
Thomas Butler

And for my father Patrick Keough

Just a few photos that run the gamut from his childhood that included being a cowboy, to his high school and college education, to his stint in the Army, to his marriage and children (hence getting to celebrate Father's Day!), to his career with the Corps of Engineers, to his continuing stint as a grandfather. Whether it was building snowmen, celebrating holidays, taking us on family vacations, making sure we did our homework, coaching the Super Bs football team, taking us to our grandparents' homes for Sunday dinner, going to work every day and coming home to his second job as a parent - he has always been there. And now he gets to repeat that process (only the fun parts) with the grandchildren - checking out the garden, getting some help with his computer, reading and playing with them, and being one-half of the Grandparents' Disneyland Trip Team (eight trips with 2 grandchildren each visit to the Magic Kingdom!).

Most importantly and the reason I celebrate my father today is that he has always shown each of us with his actions as well as his words that it is important to have honor and integrity, be trustworthy, instill in your children the value of religion, education, volunteerism, and a love of whatever you choose to do in life. That it is important to respect and love your wife, love and encourage your children, have a sense of fun with your grandchildren, and always be there for siblings and nieces and nephews. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Thanks to all the fathers out there who do it, day in and day out. They may not be perfect, but they show up each and every day and give it their best.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers, dads, das, grandfathers, poppas, gramps and daddies out there!  

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