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This Week on My Family History Calendar

Murphy-Keough Family Calendar June 8 - June 14
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June 8
Frederick F. Walsh [N555] (1929-1997), my second cousin once removed, was born on this date in 1929. Frederick's parents were James Walsh [N553] and Lettice Philpott [N639]. At some point, Frederick married Dorothy Hollohan [N1028]. Dorothy's parents were James Hollohan [N4778] and Julia Snow [N4779]. Frederick and Dorothy made their home in Plate Cove East, Newfoundland. I am currently working my way through the research I gathered while on a trip to Newfoundland and hope to piece together the rest of the family connections and bring these families forward. In the meantime, if you recognize this couple and have additional information about the families, I would love to hear from you.

Andrew Gordon Keough [6] (1926-1972), my uncle, and Colleen June Wilcox [7] (1928-1982) were married on this date in 1946 in Seattle, Washington. Gordon's parents were Andrew Francis Keough [30] and Dora Josephine Murphy [31] (my grandparents). Connie's parents were Seley Alvin Wilcox [37] and Neva Delores Rood [38]. Gordon and Connie made their home in Washington and had eight children. Sadly, their first child was born premature and died just hours after his birth. 

June 14
John Murphy [468] (1863-1863), my great-granduncle, was born on this date in 1863 in New York City, New York. John's parents were Michael Daniel O'Murphy [354] and Honora Agnes Butler [355]. Michael and Honora were both originally from Ireland - they met and married in New York City, New York and John was their second child. He lived one day and must be buried somewhere in New York. Michael and Honora went on to have 13 more children and their 7th child was also named John (a rather common Irish tradition). In 1870 the family moved first to Missouri and later to Nebraska. I have always thought it must have been sad to have lost a child so soon and to have moved so far away from where he was buried. 

David Francis Murphy [476] (1880-1952), my great-granduncle, was born on this date in Rock Port, Atchison, Missouri. David's parents were Michael Daniel O'Murphy [354] and Honora Agnes Butler [355]. David was Michael and Honora's 11th child. The family (who started out in New York and then moved to Missouri) settled in Johnson County, Nebraska in 1882 when David was 2 years old. In 1906 in Tecumseh, Nebraska David married Mary Loretto Kelley [1640] (1882-1966). Mary's parents were William Arthur Kelley [1630] and Julia Agnes Kelly [1631]. David and Mary made their home in Johnson County, Nebraska where they farmed and raised stock. They were life-long members of St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Tecumseh, Nebraska. David and Mary had two daughters.

Bernard Keough [178] (1866-unknown) , my great granduncle, and Bridget Heaney [185] (1878-unknown) were married on this date in 1901 at Open Hall (recorded at King's Cove), Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. Their witnesses were John Kehoe and Elizabeth Heaney. Bernard's parents were James Keough [N58] and Margaret Dooley [N208]. I have not placed Bridget's parents yet (and I am guessing that the marriage witnesses were probably siblings of both Bernard and Bridget - so perhaps Elizabeth was a sister and Bernard's closest in age brother was John. An archivist told me that the spelling of surnames in Newfoundland had more to do with the parish priest or government clerks than with how the individual spelled their name). If this couple is in your extended family and/or the names Keough or Heaney with Plate Cove sound familiar, we need to get together and share information!

John Edward Murphy [860] (1917-1979), my first cousin once removed, was born on this date in 1917 in Everett, Washington. John's parents were James Joseph Murphy [205] and Catherine Maud Allen [858]. In 1939 John married Phyllis C. Toby [5887] (1916-1981) in Seattle, Washington. This first marriage must have ended in divorce because in 1956 John married Mary Jane Webber [6466] (1915-1974). At this point I don't know if he had children with either spouse and this is another one of those extended family members who I need to do a bit of research on when I am in the Pacific Northwest. My to-do list is getting quite long with this Family History Calendar theme!

Do any of these names or places sound familiar? Perhaps we share some extended family. If so I would love to hear from you, share information, and together we can grow our family tree. 

As far as numbers inside the brackets that you may have noticed [xxx] or [Nxxx], I have two separate Legacy database files and those numbers are record identification numbers for the individuals. The file without a letter is for my family and the file with the letter N is for all the Plate Cove East (and surrounding communities) Newfoundland families that I am working on piecing together for my one-place study. If you have families from these communities, please contact me so we can share information. Thanks. 

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