Sunday, May 17, 2015

Update - My RootsTech 2015 Presentation on One-Name Studies

Where did the time go? Wasn't it just February? The time flew by and other tasks took precedence - looming deadlines, other conferences and webinars, April's blogging challenge, as well as family matters.

I finally got the chance to finish recording (and editing) the presentation I did for RootsTech 2015 - Who Does That? An Introduction to One-Name Studies. The video is now "live" on my YouTube Channel TessaWatch (also linked below). I wanted to share this presentation with my fellow Guild of One-Name Studies' members, those who watched my Legacy webinar on Specialized Studies (including one-name studies), and those of you in the genealogy community who expressed an interest in learning about surname research. Whether you simply want to learn a bit more about the surnames in your direct line, study a particular surname in greater detail, or decide to look into starting a one-name study - I hope this introduction proves helpful.

You can click on the live link for the worksheet I refer to in my presentation and follow along Who Does That? Handout/Worksheet. I gave a copy to each of the attendees and hope that you find it useful (links to some great resources).

To those who attended my presentation - thanks so much for the terrific reviews (very much appreciated). Thanks again to the FamilySearch team that put together RootsTech 2015 and provided me with the opportunity to share my passion for one-name studies.Those of you who filled out surname cards should watch your email in the coming weeks as your surname information will be winging its way to you (sorry for the delay).


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