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The Murphy-Keough Clover
Week of May 11 - May 17 
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May 13
Marie Jeanette Murphy [1649] (1907-2005) my first cousin twice removed, was born on this day in 1907 in Tecumseh, Johnson, Nebraska. Her parents were David Francis Murphy [476] and Mary Loretto Kelley [1640]. Jeanette attended teachers college and taught school. In 1927, Jeanette married Galen Henry Pierson [1650] (1906-1958). Jeanette and Curly had two children. The family first farmed in Nebraska and later moved to Yakima, Washington.

May 14
John M. Murphy [472] (1873-1929) my great-great uncle and Isabella Grant [480] (1872-1966)  were married on this day in 1902 in Seattle, King, Washington [MRIN 131]. This is an excerpt from the Murphy Family History (an unpublished collection of information and memories put together by family members in 1982). 

Memories of John M. Murphy
John M. Murphy was born January 6, 1873. As a young man, he moved to the State of Washington and had a large farm in the Methune Valley in Central Washington. Here he had a lot of milk cows and a number of horses. He was somewhat successful and had a large farmhouse on the side of the hill.
While in Washington, he met and married Isabelle (Belle) Grant, a former school teacher from the Alaskan territory. Belle was originally from Scotland, having come to the United States at age seven or eight. For a time, he was County Sherriff of Arkanagen [Okanogan] County, and later had a grocery store in the Seattle area. Though they had no children of their own, both loved children, showing special fondness for his sister Catherine's children [Catherine was my great grandmother]. They also had an orphan boy named Howard who lived with them for a time. John died in 1932 at age 59 [he died 19 May 1929 at age 56].
Many years later [1937], when she was 66, Belle married John Grant [James J. Grant], a former railroad man.  She and John Grant had been on the same boat from Scotland as children [Isabella was 6 and John was 13], but had never known each other until they were widow and widower.  After her second marriage, she became liberated: she learned to drive at age 68 and learned to swim! (written by Johnee' M. Bartlett - 1982)

Some additional information:
I use Legacy Family Tree as my genealogy database software of choice. The numbers inside brackets [xxxx] are the record identification numbers [RINs] or marriage record identification numbers [MRINs]. As you may have guessed we have lots of individuals who share the name Andrew Keough or Patrick Murphy, so having a specific RIN for each person comes in handy (especially if you contact me about a potential family connection). I also use the brackets to show an additional piece of information or a correction in quoted material.

How are you doing with your family history research? This calendar meme is showing me that I need to get back to my research - my extended family members are calling out for some attention!

If any of these names and/or places sound familiar, perhaps we share some common ancestors. Let's pool our knowledge and share our stories. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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