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This Week on My Family History Calendar

Murphy-Keough Family
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May 18
Anna Claire Shaughnessy [1008] (1920-2009) my second cousin once removed, was born on this date in 1920 in The Dalles, Wasco, Oregon. Her parents were Simon Shaughnessy [495] and Edna Melvina Shaw [838]. Anna was married first to Calvin L. Crill [5664] (1918-1967) and they had two children. She later married Anthony Zemaitis [1105] (1919-1973).

May 19
Gerald Keough [268] (1916- 2003) my second cousin once removed, was born on this date in 1916 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. His parents were James Keough [236] and Elizabeth Heaney [238]. Gerald married Ethel Bernadette O'Neil [269] (1925-1997) and they had five children.

May 21
Patrick Keough [239] (1880-unknown) my first cousin once removed, was born on this date in 1880 in Plate Cove East, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. His parents were Andrew Keough [172] and Mary Furlong [184]. Patrick served in the military and left Newfoundland, settling in the United States. Patrick is one of those Keoughs I need to find out more about - where in the United States did he live, did he marry and have a family, and where did he end up, are just some of my questions. I need to add Patrick to my to-do list (which keeps getting longer!).

Colleen June Wilcox [7] (1928-1982) my aunt by marriage, was born on this date in 1928 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. Her parents were Seley Alvin Wilcox [37] and Neva Delores Rood [38]. Connie together with her two sisters were always referred to as "the Wilcox girls." She married my uncle Andrew Gordon Keough [6] (1926-1972) in 1946 in Seattle, King, Washington. Connie and Gordon had eight children, one of whom died within hours of his birth. Our Aunt Connie was beautiful, funny, clever and quite talented. She was an excellent seamstress/tailoress with an eye for high fashion and the ability to recreate those clothes on a budget. She was a terrific dancer, and had an energetic personality. It was always a treat to visit and play with our cousins and when we all went to my grandfather's home for birthdays or holidays - it was a very full and noisy house.

May 23
Mary Loretto Kelley [1640] (1882-1966) my great-great aunt by marriage, was born on this date in 1882 in Tecumseh, Johnson, Nebraska. Her parents were William Arthur Kelley [1630] and Julia Agnes Kelly [1631]. She and my great-great uncle David Francis Murphy [476] (1880-1952) were married in 1906 in Tecumseh, Johnson, Nebraska. Mary and David had two daughters. They farmed first in O'Neill and later in Tecumseh.  I have one of their daughters to thank for an assist with my family history as she worked on a collection of pedigrees, memories and photos of the various branches of the Murphy family that was given to family members including my father in the 1980s.

May 24 
Bridget Tracey [1387] (1895-1968) my second cousin twice removed, was born on this date in 1895 in Plate Cove East, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. Her parents were James Tracey [1222] and Agnes Walsh [1223]. She married Bernard Keough [246] (1888-1957) (my first cousin twice removed - it's a small world) in 1916 in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland. Bernard and Bridget has eleven children.

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