Saturday, May 24, 2014

SNGF - Kenneth Patrick Malone [2994] Your Random Number Is Up!

Searching at because I am on a mission!
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If it's Saturday, you know Randy Seaver has some Saturday Night Genealogy Fun in store for us. The mission this week was as follows:
1) You're going on a scavenger hunt - for records of one of your relatives. You can pick a relative who lived in the 1800 to 2000 time period. A brother of one of your ancestors might be best (since males don't change their surname). Or the husband of a sister of your ancestor. Tell us the name of your chosen relative.

2) Go to FamilySearch and search for records for that relative. Start on the Search page. Search any way you want.

3) Tell us what you found in the FamilySearch record collections. Did you find something new about that relative?

4) Write your own blog post, comment on this post, or write something on Facebook or Google+.  
Okay Randy - I am up for it! The first thing I did was go to Random Number Generator and let it generate my choice by using a number from 1 - 6636 - which corresponds to the total number of RINs (record identification number) in my Legacy database. The random number generated was 3043, belonging to Valrea Rosemond Cleckner. Since Randy suggested we use a male (for easier record finding) I went ahead and choose her husband Kenneth Patrick Malone [2994].

Next I went to, signed in and used the search feature. I filled in the name (Kenneth Malone) and the birth and death information I already had in my database ( birth - 1908 in Johnson, Nebraska AND death 1978 in Clackamas, Oregon).

My first four hits in the record category all related to my Kenneth Malone and they were as follows:

  1. Oregon, Death Index, 1903-1998 for Kenneth Malone - event date 31 Mar 1978, Clackamas, Oregon; birth date 29 Jan 1908; certificate number 78-03780 (no image available but I could always follow up and get the death certificate since I now have the number).
  2. United States Census, 1940 for Kenneth P. Malone - in the 1940 census Kenneth (age 32) and his family reside in Portland, Oregon. The birth, residence, spouse and children are all listed on the results page - and it indicates Kenneth was born in 1908 in Nebraska, residence is Tract 17, Portland, Portland City Election Precinct 216, Multnomah, Oregon. His spouse is shown as Valria Malone and his children are Jacquelin Malone and Kenneth Malone. From the results I can check certain "facts" including marital status, race, status in household, gender, approximate age, and birthplace for all members of the household. I can click through to the actual census sheet and learn Kenneth's employment and wages as well as where the family was located in 1935. Finally I was able to get the record's citation as put together by including enumeration district, sheet and family number and lines where they appear on the page.
  3. United States Census, 1930 for Kenneth P. Malone - in the 1930 census Kenneth (age 22), his spouse and their daughter reside with Kenneth's parents in Maple Grove, Johnson, Nebraska. I was able to find out information about Kenneth's wife Valrea (as well as learning that they just had their daughter Jacqueline). Based on the two censuses - 1940 and 1930 - it appears that Kenneth and Valrea moved to Oregon between 1930 and 1935. Now I am wondering why, who they might have known in Oregon, and when they made the move - inquiring minds and all that.
  4. United States Census, 1910 for Kenneth Malone - in the 1910 census Kenneth (age 2) lives with his parents Patrick J and Margarit Malone and his four siblings.
Interestingly, I did not have the 1940 census for this family in my Legacy database and so I need to add it (thanks Randy). This reminds me that I need to run a search using the 1940 census to determine which of my families need that census added to their files! I did not get a result for the 1920 census for Kenneth, nor did I get any information on births or marriages through I also did not see any public trees for this couple.

I think I will run the same search on and later this week to see how they might differ. More on those results when they are in.

How about you - why not accept Randy Seaver's mission and learn more about one person in your genealogy database. Happy searching!


  1. Great reminder about those 1940 censuses! I did the challenge last night and came up with a new record for my ancestor's brother - his WWI draft registration. And, this led to new information for me! It also made me realize I need to systematically go through the WWI & WWII draft registration cards for men in my tree that would have been of the right age to fill these out. A perfect genealogy project for this Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Dana - thanks for reading and I love your idea for a Memorial Day project - looking up the military records of people in your database. It was one of the items I suggested in my Legacy Virtual Users' Group Community on Google+. If you use Legacy (and even if you don't) check out our Google+ Community for tips, videos, and great questions from users and great answers from users!

  2. Monique Riley sent me a comment through Google+ last night. She re-ran my search but opened up the parameters for birth and death year (I had left them as they were in my database). And she got additional results - the 1920 census and the SSDI. Thanks Monique AND it just goes to show that you have to think outside the box (ah dates) and who knows what you will find.


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