Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well, that's another fine mess! (the A-Z Challenge 2015)

On your mark  -  Get set  -  Go!

With the start of April comes the A to Z Challenge. It's that time of year when over a thousand bloggers shame the rest of us by blogging every day but Sunday (even bloggers need to rest one day a week). Actually I think this blogging challenge was set up several years back to provide on an annual basis - a bit of fun, participation and camaraderie in the blogging universe using the letters of the alphabet with whatever theme the bloggers choose.

Having sat on the fence (one of my favorite spots) and watched other genealogists post all through April for the past few years, I decided to give it a go in 2015. Some tips I picked up from those who tried and failed as well as those who succeeded in past years follow.

  • Work with a theme and sketch out your letters in advance 
    • You won't have all of them as some of those letters are tricky, especially near the end of the alphabet, but make up that list in advance with some alternatives.
  • Read the rules and follow them
    • The rules are pretty loose but there are a few and it is only polite to follow them. You can miss a few posts, but don't make a habit of it. Just like in those dance contests of old, you will be tapped and removed from the floor for not following the rules.
  • Keep your blog posts short 
    • You will be writing every day - make those posts short but sweet, include an image, and be done with it (but do run the spell-check).
  • Get ahead of yourself
    • Write up a few posts at a time, unless you enjoy writing every single day.
  • Have fun with it
    • No one enjoys writing when it is a chore so make sure you picked a theme you will enjoy for the next month and then play with it.
So there you have it - why not join in the fun and blog every day about some aspect of your family's history or genealogy in general or perhaps books for genealogists or share photos from your family vault? Be sure to check out the many bloggers who have signed up and, if nothing else, follow along and check out the wide variety of blogs that might be new to you. 

Cheers (and wish me luck!)


  1. Perhaps with your planning suggestions under my belt I might be game enough to try this challenge next year, or the year after?

    Best wishes for your April journey.

    1. I just decided my poor blog needed some attention and this was (hopefully) a good way to get back to it. I am thrilled that so many genealogists are doing it as well. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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