Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Graduation

Every May/June brings a bumper crop of graduations and graduation announcements. Whether it is high school, university or graduate school - I consider this a different event than education. If you receive a diploma (especially considering the time, effort and cost involved in that adventure), I am more than willing to include the event in my Legacy family file!

The graduation entry might be as simple as the date, the name of the school, and its location. This information is often published in newspapers, graduation announcements, graduation programs, and obituaries. You could also include the type of degree and photos.

Here are two examples - one for a high school graduation and one for a college graduation.
high school graduation or college graduation
Do you include graduation in your database? Is the graduation entry separate from the education entry (which in my mind could be grade school, continuing education, a program that provides a certificate or is taken simply for interest, perhaps even something from the school of hard knocks!)?

Join me back here tomorrow for the letter H! 

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