Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Kinship

Ah, the ties that bind. Kinship - is connecting the generations that are blood-related. That is what genealogy is all about. We preliminarily determine kinship based on what the documents tell us (in the sense that they can speak). These are the names and connections listed on birth certificates and marriage registers. No doubt many of us have found errors or outright lies in our family genealogy. In this brave new world of DNA studies, we are digging a bit deeper and testing those kinship connections.

We use our genealogy database software to show our kinship connections - whether that is in the family, pedigree or descendant view. And we can also use the relationship settings and calculator to determine just how we are connected to others in our database. This is what it looks like in my Legacy Family Tree database.

the family view and setting relationships (found in tools)

a relationship report can help you see the kinship connections

Of course, Legacy provides all your connections in this report, so if you want to use advanced tagging to limit your connections to the direct line option, you have that choice. Do you use the set relationship, relationship report, or relationship calculator features in Legacy?

See you back here tomorrow for the letter L!

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