Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Military Registration

military registration - a wealth of information

What's not to love about the event military registration? To-date, I have 132 military registration entries (you can find that result from the title "all those who use the event definition"). The information taken from registrants varies by conflict and forms, however by World War I and World War II the forms (when properly filled out) contain a tremendous amount of material. These military registrations have pointed me in the right direction on full names, birth date and place, occupation, place of employment, name and address of someone who would know the registrant's whereabouts (often a spouse or parent), the signature of the registrant, and a physical description. Definitely look through to the second or reverse page for this information.

Be sure to read about the records and learn the important dates to make your searches easier. I have only begun to explore these military registration records, but make a point to include military registration in your Legacy events/facts. Keep in mind this is simply registration, which was required of all males between certain ages - it does not mean they enlisted or served in the military (that is an entirely different set of records - think of it as learning the rest of the story).

I have customized the event definition - play with yours until they work for you.
examples from my Legacy database
Shown above are examples of military registration entries from the Civil War, World War I and World War II.

As you can see - names, addresses, education, occupation, and physical descriptions can add to your ancestor's story. Be sure to check out military registration for all those great clues.

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