Behind the Curtain

Things I Use To Do My Genealogy 

Where would we be without computers. I started doing genealogy in the 21st century and am thankful for all my tech gadgets (a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone, together with apps and subscriptions to the commercial websites). I give thanks to organizations, archives, libraries and genealogy and historical societies that provide all kinds of assistance both online and offline in my search for ancestors. So what are some of the things I use to help me in my genealogical pursuits?

Did I mention coffee?

My operating system is Microsoft Windows 10 ~ and I use and enjoy Microsoft Office products, especially WordExcel and OneNote.  I am also a big fan of Google ~ The Keough Corner proudly resides on Blogger.  Extended family (both Keoughs and Murphys) have found me on this blog and I am grateful to all those who have written to me and shared information ~ slowly but surely we are filling out the branches and leaves on the Keough and Murphy trees! 

Because of my special interest in Newfoundland and the research I did while visiting there I am almost finished setting up my websites for my one-name study (Keough with the variants of Keogh, Kough & Kehoe) and my one-place study (Plate Cove East, Newfoundland). I have registered the Keough surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies and Plate Cove East with the Society for One-Place Studies.

I use Legacy Family Tree for my genealogy databases ~ I have tried other software programs but have found that Legacy does it for me! I am a firm believer in loyalty ~ learn to use your database to its fullest capacity and make it work for you (rather than jumping around to the newest thing). I moderate the Legacy Virtual Users' Group Community on Google+ - a place for Legacy users to share tips as well as ask questions and get answers about using Legacy for our genealogy research. **Note that Google+ was shuttered by Google effective April 2nd and we have moved our Legacy LVUG Community to a blog residing on Blogger.**

Some of my favorite add-ons that make my research easier and more fun ~ include Animap Plus, Centennia Historical Atlas, Family Atlas, GenSmarts, and Transcript. I enjoy mapping programs that combine history with geography because they can give you a sense of what was happening at a particular point in time ~ context ~ it will help you answer the who, what, when & why questions. In genealogy it is all about location ~ knowing where something happened is half the battle in finding the corresponding paperwork ~ it will help you answer the where question. I also appreciate the beauty of programs that provide an assist either with the research process (let's hear it for artificial intelligence) or making it clearer and easier to transcribe all those documents we find on our searches.