Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for X-tra

Have you added any events or facts to your Legacy Master Event Definition List? I just went back to see what Legacy comes with "out of the box" and it includes 62 events. I have 105 events in my family file. I deleted some of the "out of box" events because they would not occur in my family. I added several events because they tend to crop up in my family. I added the Roman Catholic sacraments because that is the faith tradition for a large percentage of my family members and we have scads of those "events." A few x-tras to my list include the following:

  • Arrival
  • Bygdeboker
  • Citizenship Denial
  • Daycare
  • Find A Grave
  • Fraternal Organization
  • Funeral Card
  • Household Examination Record
  • Moving Register 
  • Newfoundland Families
  • Religious Life
  • SSDI
Part of the reason for many of my x-tra (or added) events is because I am now treating events as "events and facts" and putting everything in the events section so that I have a chronology all in date order (thanks for that idea Linda McCauley).

What have you added or made an x-tra to your Legacy Master Event Definition List?

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